Playing large sound files

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Wed Oct 22 09:31:35 EDT 2003

On Wed, 22 Oct 2003 12:51:27 +0200, Klaus Major <klaus at> wrote:
>When using "players" you can also play more than 1 sound simultaniously
>without QT!
>Only "play ac xyz" is limited to 1 sound at a time...

I don't quite understand this. Are you just using the plural of 
"player" or are you saying that there's another command "players"? I 
suppose because I've only used players to activate QT movies and 
sounds, then I thought you couldn't have a player without invoking QT 
- the docs really don't explain anything about the relationship 
between QT and the player object.

Certainly simultaneous audio doesn't work using just 'play': I've 
just written an experimental stack with two buttons each of which has 
a statement of the form

  play audioClip "mySoundn"

(obviously with a different clip in each button), and when you start 
the second sound it just stops the first one and then plays itself.

Am I missing a more complete description of what players are in the 
docs, other than the one you get by looking up 'player' in the TD?

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