Cells and tables

Malte Brill malte.brill at t-online.de
Wed Oct 22 07:41:28 EDT 2003

Hey Jan,

exellent, as allways. :-)

Two small fixes:

local sGeneratingCells

on rawkeyDown
  send generateCells to me in 10 ticks
  pass rawkeyDown
end rawkeyDown

on generateCells
  -- clear the previous content
  set the customProperties["cell"] of me to empty
  ##added of me...
  -- now fill the individual custom props
  set the itemdel to tab
  put true into sGeneratingCells
  put 0 into lLineCounter
  repeat for each line row in me
    add 1 to lLineCounter
    put 0 into lItemCounter
    repeat for each item colum in row
      add 1 to lItemCounter
      set the uCell[lLineCounter,lItemCounter] of me to \
              item lItemCounter of row
    end repeat
  end repeat
  put false into sGeneratingCells
end generateCells

setProp uCell[pCoordinates] pNewContent
  if sGeneratingCells is not "true" then
    put item 1 of pCoordinates into tRow
    put item 2 of pCoordinates into tColumn
    set the itemdel to tab
    ##itemdelimiter needs to be TAB here
    put pNewContent into item tColumn of line tRow of me
  end if
  pass uCell
end uCell


I´ve had to figure out how to use it.

set the uCell [1,3] of fld "myField" to "Whatever"

What a good day for me! Again I´ve learned a lot. Thanks Jan!!!



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