Need Icon for standalone, Visual Effects don't work, version info

Chipp Walters chipp at
Wed Oct 22 01:35:38 EDT 2003


Check out:
for info on creating an Icon for Windows.

Check Bugzilla for the already documented problems with visual effects.
Mostly, they're tied to QT. If you do:

set the DontUseQTEffects to true
set the DontUseQT to true

on startup, then you will use the embedded RR engine effects, while not a
nice, they work. RR is working on a fix...


> I'm getting ready to distribute standalones for Mac and PC and I
> don't know how to make my program without the big diamond with
> the R in the middle of it. For the Mac side I can change the icon
> (which will be a fish) by choosing Get Info and pasting the fish
> graphic in there. But for the PC side I don't know how to change
> the icon.
> Also, this will be version 2.0. Is there a place to include that
> in the information box? HyperCard had you include that when you
> created a standalone.
> Finally, visual effects aren't working. I got them started, but
> most of the time visual effects don't work in the standalones.
> It'd be nice to get them running. Any ideas?
> Thanks for your help.
> Tom

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