Borrowing Your Words

miscdas at miscdas at
Wed Oct 22 00:57:31 EDT 2003

Dan Shafer writes:
> As a free service at my newly emerging RevolutionPros Web site, I've been 
> thinking about offering a sort of "Best of the List" section. In this 
> section, I would place individual posts and message threads from this 
> list. The idea is that over time we'd build a repository of the useful 
> discussions that take place here, free of repeated copies of previous 
> messages, non-contributing messages, and other clutter.

Great idea! (Do you have a lot of time on your hands, or what?  LOL) 

> I am acutely sensitive to the notion that you own your 
> words here. So I would also promise not to reproduce on my site any 
> message authored by anyone who indicates a desire not to have their words 
> used that way.

Hmmm. I believe that unless each post specifically states it is not to be 
reproduced (copyrighted, whatever) that it is in the public domain, thereby 
enabling you freedom of use. 

> Dan Shafer, Revolutionary


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