[OT] Borrowing Your Words

Dan Shafer dan at shafermedia.com
Tue Oct 21 20:32:06 EDT 2003

As a free service at my newly emerging RevolutionPros Web site, I've 
been thinking about offering a sort of "Best of the List" section. In 
this section, I would place individual posts and message threads from 
this list. The idea is that over time we'd build a repository of the 
useful discussions that take place here, free of repeated copies of 
previous messages, non-contributing messages, and other clutter.

I would propose to take each digest as it comes and do some judicious 
editing, placing each threaded discussion on my site as it reaches a 
conclusion (or at least appears to), providing a quick way to read 
linearly through the conversation and highlighting the "answer" where 
there is one.

This material would appear on an area of my site for which there would 
never be a membership fee charged. I intend it as a service to the 
community. But I am acutely sensitive to the notion that you own your 
words here. So I would also promise not to reproduce on my site any 
message authored by anyone who indicates a desire not to have their 
words used that way.

I'm looking for community reaction. I won't start posting the new 
feature for a few days until I've given you a chance to respond to this 
idea and we've had time to air it adequately.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

Dan Shafer, Revolutionary
Author of forthcoming 3-book set,
"Revolution: Programming at the Speed of Thought"
http://www.revolutionpros.com for More Info

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