Need Icon for standalone, Visual Effects don't work, version

Robert J Warren ( warren at
Tue Oct 21 19:27:56 EDT 2003

<I'm getting ready to distribute standalones for Mac
< and PC and I don't know how to make my program
< without the big diamond with the R in the middle of
< it. For the Mac side I can change the icon (which will
< be a fish) by choosing Get Info and pasting the fish
< graphic in there. But for the PC side I don't know
< how to change the icon.


One way of changing the icon in a Windows Rev standalone EXE is to use the
utility "Resource Hacker" on it. This can be downloaded for free from

In my limited experience, you can successfully substitute the Rev icon for
one of 256 colours (32x32 pixels) or one of 16M colours (16x16 pixels).
(Other icons can be inserted - e.g. 16M colours 32x32 pixels - but they
damage the executable file so that it can no longer be run.)

When you run Resource Hacker and load your Rev EXE into it, you are shown
the structure of its "resources", among them, 2 "icon groups". DELETE the
2nd icon group (to make room) before substituting the 1st icon group with
the new icon of your choice. Then just save the new EXE.

Hope this helps.

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