Rev2.1 Bug on a Dell Inspiron and some Dell Desktops - bugzilla #794

Barry Levine themacguy at
Tue Oct 21 17:24:37 EDT 2003


The problem is limited to these Dell models and -only- with Rev2.1.x. 
When I run the "problem" stack in v2.0.3 IDE or compile with v2.0.3, 
the problem is gone. If I change the font & height back to the original 
setting (the setting prior to the "jump up"), it does not resolve the 

BTW, aren't Windows fonts TrueType? I thought that was the whole 
purpose of using TT fonts - scalability and compatibility.


On Tuesday, Oct 21, 2003, at 12:36 America/Denver, Alex wrote:

> From: Alex Rice <alex at>
> Subject: Re: Rev2.1 Bug on a Dell Inspiron and some Dell Desktops - 
> bugzilla #794
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> On Friday, October 17, 2003, at 10:23  AM, Barry Levine wrote:
>> Rev 2.1.x on Windows (and Windows distributions built from either
>> MacOSX or Windows versions of that revision) pushes the line of text
>> up beyond the top of the field as soon as you specify a font and size.
>> Clicking the "fixed line height" moves the text down but only a few
>> points - not enough to rectify the problem.
> Barry, could this be the issue? Windows fonts are not scalable. MacOS
> fonts are. On MacOS you can select any textHeight and the result will
> look OK. On Windows, the selected textHeight must be valid for that
> particular textFont. Otherwise, what you will see is: the textHeight
> will increase to correspond to the new textSize (like 14pt leading for
> 12pt font), but the characters being rendered will not change size;
> they could remain at say, 8 pt. The end could appear as you describe.
> I filed a bugzilla report about font size/leading-lineheight issues.
> bugzilla #469. Scott Raney responded about the Windows fonts not being
> scalable - so it wasn't a bug.
> BTW there is a fontSizes function- to check this very issue. However I
> haven't experimented that much on windows to see which if any fonts are
> scalable or not.

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