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Tue Oct 21 15:16:38 EDT 2003

Den 03-10-21 19.00, skrev "Richard Gaskin" <ambassador at fourthworld.com>:

> Paul Malloy wrote:
>> Am I correct in understanding that you cannot refer to
>> a cell in a table field in RR, except as "item xx of line xx of field xx"?
>> This seems to contradict the documentation, which uses the "cell" term and
>> says a cell can be referred to by row,column...
>> And is this line failing not because of "then" but because of "cell", so the
>> error message is misleading?
> The docs seem ambiguous on this:  I searched the docs for "cell" and found a
> few entries, including one which provides a definition of the word.  But the
> Transcript Dictionary has no entry for cell, and I'm unfamiliar with an
> addition that would make it possible to use it as a chunk type.
> It may be the case that the word is allowable as a param to some of the
> scripted libraries Rev uses to support its grid "objects".  Unfortunately I
> wasn't able to find such info.
> What did you turn up?

Haven't found any documentation on "cell".
As I understand it you refer to cells in the table this way:
Put word 2 of line 3 of cd fld "theTableName" into x,

Item reference doesn't work if you don't set the item delimiter, maybe?,
haven't tried that.

Before using a table it seems necessary to fill the cells with spaces or
something else, otherwise the reference to a particular cell that is
preceded with an empty cell won't be found in the right spot.

No guru just a newbie to rev.


Somebody else ?

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