Rev2.1 Bug on a Dell Inspiron and some Dell Desktops - bugzilla #794

Alex Rice alex at
Tue Oct 21 14:26:29 EDT 2003

On Friday, October 17, 2003, at 10:23  AM, Barry Levine wrote:

> Rev 2.1.x on Windows (and Windows distributions built from either 
> MacOSX or Windows versions of that revision) pushes the line of text 
> up beyond the top of the field as soon as you specify a font and size. 
> Clicking the "fixed line height" moves the text down but only a few 
> points - not enough to rectify the problem.

Barry, could this be the issue? Windows fonts are not scalable. MacOS 
fonts are. On MacOS you can select any textHeight and the result will 
look OK. On Windows, the selected textHeight must be valid for that 
particular textFont. Otherwise, what you will see is: the textHeight 
will increase to correspond to the new textSize (like 14pt leading for 
12pt font), but the characters being rendered will not change size; 
they could remain at say, 8 pt. The end could appear as you describe.

I filed a bugzilla report about font size/leading-lineheight issues. 
bugzilla #469. Scott Raney responded about the Windows fonts not being 
scalable - so it wasn't a bug.

BTW there is a fontSizes function- to check this very issue. However I 
haven't experimented that much on windows to see which if any fonts are 
scalable or not.

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