Windows- altering an images layer inside a repeat loop

Ian Wood ian at
Tue Oct 21 11:17:15 EDT 2003

Yet another request for help!

My application pans a cubic QTVR and saves out snapshots for a video 

For the demo version I want to place an image "beta040.gif" over the 
QTVR "player 1" as a watermark.  Which works fine on OS X & OS 9, but 
on WinXP and Win2000pro the image doesn't appear over the QTVR.

repeat no_of_frames times
     set the pan of player "player 1" to current_pan
     put current_pan + pan_increase into current_pan

     set the tilt of player "player 1" to current_tilt
     put current_tilt + tilt_increase into current_tilt

     set the zoom of player "player 1" to current_zoom
     put current_zoom + zoom_increase into current_zoom

     set the layer of image "beta040.gif" to top -- bring to front

     wait 100 milliseconds-- so that the screen updates

     put the windowID of this stack into savedID
     import snapshot from rectangle 160,0,(width of player 1 + 
160),(height of player 1) of window savedID
     export JPEG to file file_name & ".jpg"
     delete last image

     put file_name + 1 into file_name
   end repeat

Again, I may be missing something simple, but I've tried putting the 
layer change in different places in the repeat, allowing a longer wait, 
sending the player to the back, and I am out of ideas.


P.S. Rev 1.1.1 on OS X 10.2.1 and Rev 2.1 trial on OS X 10.2.6.

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