Playing large sound files

Klaus Major klaus at
Tue Oct 21 05:49:16 EDT 2003

Hi Thomas,

> I am NTREV (new to revolution). I am familiar with SuperCard and 
> HyperCard.

Welcome to the club and this lovely list :-)

> I am building a project and it seems with out the documentation I keep 
> getting lost.
> I am not having that much success with the help files included in the 
> program.
> I now need to put some large sound files in on certain cards in an 
> opencard.
> I want to play a recording when a card opens and then wait for the 
> user to click on something.
> No timing issues and pretty straight forward.
> Well the sound sounds like a clicking and poping sound. it should be a 
> 60 second voice recording.
> I tried the new reference control(quicktime) and it does not work
> I tried a play file and it does not work.
> I tried the new reference control with a controller set in the object 
> inspector and IT WORKS

When it works with a controller, then it will work without a 
controller, too!!!

Since you have no visual feedback after setting the filename of the 
player without a controller,
you should try to start the player...

Create a button:

on mouseup
   start player xxx
end mouseup

> But I don't want a controller and I seem to just keep hitting dead 
> ends with the code.

I would also HIDE the player in this case and just have buttons to 
start/stop the player, if at all...

> I need to see this in action. Any sample apps that do this?
> Thanks

Hope that helps...


Klaus Major
klaus at

The "play audioclip xxx" ONLY works with UNCOMPRESSED Aif and Wav and 
with compressed AU files!!!
But using player-objects gives you much more control about the sounds...

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