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First you should use a reverse loop to avoid the error of deleting 
non-existing lines

repeat with x = totallines down to 1
  if pString is not in thislist then exit repeat

You can shorten it with this statement too...
put the number of lines in char 1 to offset(pstring,plist) into totallines

Using repeat with x = 1 to totallines will cause errors:
The totallines will not be exact after 1 deletion and you will repeat out 
of bounds...

The next fastest trick is to use lineoffset or offset to find those 
occurences. Repeat until the string
is no longer found. 

By far the fastest should be this though:
If you can predict what the line will be you can also use a replace ( 
thisstring & CR) with "" in mylist.
The other choice is to use the regular expression if your guess is not 
exact but grepable...

Xavier Bury
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Hi all!

I was wondering if the way that I'm going about a certain task is 
actually the easiest/fastest way. The task is: I have a list 
(return-delimited) of several hundred words. I need to delete ONE 
specific word from the list.

Right now, I'm using a repeat loop, iterating through the list until I 
find the string, then deleting it:

# PRE: pLIst should be a return-delimited list of strings. pString 
should be the text of one of the items in pList.
# POST: pList is returned, minus the line that contains/is pString.
function fDeleteLine pList,pString
                 if pList is empty then return empty
                 if pString is empty then return pList
                 repeat with x = 1 to number of lines in pList
                                 if line x of pList is pString then
                                                 delete line x of pList
                                                 exit repeat
                 end repeat
                 return pList
end fDeleteLine

I know that the "repeat with x" structure is supposed to be slower than 
other forms of repeat, and I also seem to remember some experienced 
users in this list recommending using arrays in some way to speed up 
search and replace functions in lists.

So: is there a faster way to do this?

Many thanks for any hints!

Kindest regards,
Igor de Oliveira Couto

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