can a group act like a family?

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Tue Oct 21 05:20:11 EDT 2003

--- erik hansen <erikhans08 at> wrote:
> can a group act like a family?
> or "radio cluster"?
> families are indexed by numbers:
> <set the family of button "Choice #1" to 3>
> which can, of course, correspond to group names,
> but that seems awkward. in browser mode,
> is there a was to make a group
> hilite a clicked button and dehilite 
> whichever button was previously hilited?
> right now i have code which can go 2 ways:
> 1. store the name of the prev hilited btn
> 2. run down the list and dehilite all btns
> <the target> is then hilited by more code.
> can this be done automatically?
> as with a "radio cluster",
> as when the pointer tool is selected
> and the selectGroupedControls is true?
> a related question...
> say you want to change not only the hilite,
> but the style, width, etc. of a btn. when
> clicked.
> this can be done with code (as above) but is
> there a way to link the hilited property
> to a few other property settings?
> this is another case of struggling to write
> code of which one is enormously proud, then
> wondering whether all that code can be avoided...
> thanks,
> Erik

Hi Erik,

Check out the group property 'radioBehavior' to
accomplish the first part ; just toss the radio
buttons in a group, and turn on radioBehavior in the
No additional scripting necessary to manage the
hilites ; and you can 'get' and 'set' the
'hilitedButton' of the group whenever you need.

As for font settings : I'm afraid you'll have to trap
the mouseUp or even the mouseDown message in your
group script and do the changes yourself ; so you
might want to save the last hilited button in a custom
property of the group.

Hope this helped,

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish at the same time."  (La Rochefoucauld)

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