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Mon Oct 20 14:40:01 EDT 2003

On 10/20/03 12:28 AM, Neville Smythe wrote:
> Klaus Major wrote
>> Open the folder "MacOS" and there you will find "Revolution", which is
>> the standalone and the
>> "missing" folder "data"...
> Actually this is surely a bug in the Distribution Builder not a 
> "feature" of OS X - there is no reason for it to place the data stack 
> inside the application bundle instead of in the visible Data folder 
> which it also creates; I suppose there could be good reasons to hide the 
> data stack from the user, so maybe it should be an OS X option, but 
> ordinarily it should work just like on other platforms.

There is one reason for doing it the way Rev does it. In OS X, 
applications are bundles. Many scripters are not aware, or do not want 
to bother with, the fact that the extra folders in an OS X app must be 
accounted for when specifying file paths. In order to make a calculated 
file path work consistently on all platforms, a Data folder is placed in 
the same relative location within the OS X bundle as it would be in an 
OS 9 or Windows app. This means that a script like this will work anywhere:

  put word 1 to -2 of the effective filename of this stack into theAppPath
  put theAppPath & "/Data/" into theDataPath

Without the internal Data folder, the above script would not work on OS 
X if the Data folder were outside the application bundle.

I believe the bug is not that the internal Data folder exists, but 
rather that there is a duplicate (and empty) external Data folder 
outside the bundle.

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