cstorev Supercard convert problem - NTREV (New to the Revolution)

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Oct 20 13:13:07 EDT 2003

Thomas J McGrath III wrote:

> I have a large SuperCard project that won't convert to the Revolution.
> I am using OSX latest update and latest Rev. The sctorev does not
> complete on the SC side.
> The Supercard project has a lot of graphics in it, over 300. they are
> small icons for buttons and because SC did not have the ability to auto
> hilite I had to create three states for each icon. 1 for regular icon,
> 1 for mouse down, and 1 for disabled. There were only a coupld windows
> and 1 card each. But the converter still acted like it ran out of
> memory.
> I am not using OS9 to adjust memory size. Are there any OSX tricks to
> increase the memory or to get this stack converted?

I've had amazing results with OS X in terms of getting memory as needed (I
once decompressed a 60MB gzip file using Rev's builr-in decompress function
-- the resulting file as 568MBs; it took a while but had was completed
successfuly).  I would not think it's a memory issue in this case.

Does it stop running at the same place in each attempt?  There may be
something about a particular graphic that's causing the hang.

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