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Klaus Major wrote
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> Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 15:24:00 +0200
> From: Klaus Major <klaus at>
> Subject: Re: Saving to a Stack
>> I imagined that the substack, "DataCollector" would be put into the
>> "data" folder in this build - but it doesn't.
>> Is this right?
> Partly :-)
> This is an OS X feature!
> Please Control-click on the standalone in the finder and choose "Show
> contents" (or soemthing like that...)
> and another folder will open. Standalones on OS X ARE folders in
> disguise ;-)
> There you find another folder called "Contents".
> Open it and you will have some files and 2 other folders...
> Open the folder "MacOS" and there you will find "Revolution", which is
> the standalone and the
> "missing" folder "data"...

Actually this is surely a bug in the Distribution Builder not a 
"feature" of OS X - there is no reason for it to place the data stack 
inside the application bundle instead of in the visible Data folder 
which it also creates; I suppose there could be good reasons to hide 
the data stack from the user, so maybe it should be an OS X option, but 
ordinarily it should work just like on other platforms.

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