Game play and repeat loops

Ken Ray kray at
Sun Oct 19 11:32:12 EDT 2003

Mike, using a repeat loop is pretty ineffecient and hard to control; I'd
recommend using "send" messages and then trap for the arrow keys going
down with the "on arrowKey" handler.

Something like this (I'm assuming an image is being moved, and escape
stops the game):

global gCurrentDirection

on StartGame
  put "left" into gCurrentDirection
  send "MoveObject" to me 
end StartGame

on MoveObject
  switch gCurrentDirection
    case "up"
      set the top of img 1 to (the top of img 1-1)
    case "down"
      set the bottom of img 1 to (the bottom of img 1+1)
    case "left"
      set the left of img 1 to (the left of img 1-1)
    case "right"
      set the right of img 1 to (the right of img 1+1)
  end switch
  send "MoveObject" to me in 20 milliseconds
end MoveObject

on arrowKey pDirection
  put pDirection into gCurrentDirection
end arrowKey

on escapeKey
  cancel (item 1 of the pendingMessages) -- assumes no other messages
are going on
end escapeKey

Hope this helps,

Ken Ray
Sons of Thunder Software
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> Hi Everyone,
> I am scripting a simple animated game.  An object moves 
> across the stack driven by commands within a repeat loop.  I 
> want to change variables within the repeat loop when the user 
> selects one of the arrow keys (up, down, left, right).  
> Basically, as the object moves across the screen, it's 
> direction can be changed by selecting the arrow key.
> Is the use of a repeat loop for this incorrect or is there a 
> way to insert condition changes into the loop?
> Thanks,
>  Mike
> Mike Brown
> Cyber-NY Interactive
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