memory dimensions in stacks and standalones

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Sun Oct 19 10:37:57 EDT 2003

Hi Rand,

>I want to include a citation database -- that is, a
>collection of texts which can be used to provide examples to users of the
>dictionary -- this database could easily grow to 5 megabytes in size. If I
>have say, five other array files open that together take up 10-15 megabytes,
>will this be a problem? I just have no idea of how memory management works
>with runrev stacks (or any application!). And of course, I want my final
>dictionary to be a standalone. What do I need to worry about?

Clock speed and RAM of the platform running your standalone. 
Following are timing tests conducted with a 7 MB db stack and a 43 MB 
db stack:

Databases:	IW_Contacts.sdb 7.3 MB, 6,172 records
		IW_OrdersArchive.sdb 45.1 MB, 43,043 records

Platforms:	A.  256 MB 800 MHz G4 iMac
		B.  320 MB 400 MHz G3 iMac
		C.  768 MB 400 MHz G3 Powerbook
		D.  768 MB 800 MHz G4 iMac


1. IT Works standalone startup time (includes preOpening Contacts & 
OrdersArchive dbs):

A: 30 sec	B: 50 sec	C:  39 sec	D:  21 sec

2. Open OrdersArchive db w/SDB Utilities:

A: 26 sec	B: 40 sec	C:  29 sec	D:  16 sec

3.  Save OrdersArchive db w/SDB Utilities:

A: 40 sec	B: 55 sec	C:  11 sec	D:  7 sec

4.  Approximate key lookup in OrdersArchive db:

A: N/A		B: 4 sec	C:  1+ sec	D:  <1 sec

>2. If I were to put my citation database in a text file, in order to look
>something up in that file, does the whole file have to be in memory?

No, one has the option of reading arbitrary text from arbitrary 
positions within the file rather than loading the entire file via 
"get URL ..." or "read until eof".

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