Player seems to miss out alternate filenames on Win XP

Stephen King st.king42 at
Sun Oct 19 09:55:44 EDT 2003

Hi All,

I have a problem trying to send a playlist to a player.
I have  a playlist in a field (Output) and use the PlayStopped message to
move down this field, loading the next filename each time. Unfortunately,
every alternate one is missed.

Script is...
On PlayStopped

if PlayingFromList = "false" then

    set the backgroundcolor of graphic "Indicator" to red # not use a


    put NowPlaying+1 into NowPlaying #NowPlaying starts at 0

    wait for 500 milliseconds

#answer NowPlaying & " " & line NowPlaying of field "Output" with "OK"

    if line NowPlaying of field "Output" = "" then

        set the backgroundcolor of graphic "Indicator" to red

        exit PlayStopped

    end if

    put "c:/player/Playlist/" & line NowPlaying of field "Output" into field

    set the filename of player "Player1" to field "FilePlaying"

    set the currentTime of player "Player1" to 0

#wait for 200 milliseconds

#answer the filename of player "Player1" with "OK"

    start player "Player1"

end if

end PlayStopped

Please excuse the scripting.. I'm only a hobbyist!

The problem is that line 1 plays fine, but when line 2 (of field) filename
is sent to the player it does not acknowledge it (verified by reading it
back into an answer message  - it seems to be empty). Presumably after
starting the player with no apparent filename, it immediately sends a player
stopped again so moves onto line 3. Curiously, this line now works, but the
same happens again at line 4 of field "Output". There should be no other
handlers involved (that I have created)

I am using Windows XP. and Rev 2.1. QT is installed.

Any suggestions?


Steve King

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