ANN: Revolution HTTPd Project

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Sun Oct 19 12:39:51 EDT 2003

Hi Folks,

I am very very very very pleased to announce for immediate release the 
Revolution HTTPd Project. It's a simple httpd server based on Metacard 
HTTPd stack. It can serve files from a local folder and it can do lot's 
of stunts with substacks!!!! Yes thats dynamic content for you. I 
borrowed (or invented I don't know) a concept of transportation, 
meaning when a user call a file from the server, it checks if theres a 
substack with the same name, if it does have one, then it checks what 
was the desired output format (this time it's XML or HTML) then it 
pipes the result from the stack to the user.

It's very cool and you must see to understand. I created a webpage for 
this project its located at 
there you can get all your infos and the first release. It's all public 
domain with source. The current substacks (they act like CGI apps) are:

	Quotes - It's a quote of the day app, when requested as Quotes.html it 
will render a nice html, if requested as Quotes.xml it will render a 
simple to parse xml.
	Status - It shows some status info like open sockets and open stacks, 
when asked as Status.html it renders a nice HTML, the XML option will 
redirect you to a nice error page telling that this substack does not 
like XML.

It's also possible to make HTTPd stack present itself by calling 
http://localhost:8080/httpd.html, it will echo the http request, this 
is usefull for debuging.  It's a very fun project, take your time to 
explore the site, there I explain how it's all done, also feel free to 
send me mail at soapdog at I'll leave the HTTPd stack running at 
home so if anyone want to try it (don't know if my ISP firewall will 
allow the connection) can point their browsers to

The direct download link is

PS: I've got a paypal account under agarzia at if anyone want to 
support this project.

Cheers and serve the developer.
Andre Alves Garzia  2003  BRAZIL

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