conflicting globals

mitchell mark cowhead at
Sat Oct 18 05:28:42 EDT 2003

I have a standalone to which I add stack little by little.  My 
scripting style uses a lot of globals, and I tend to use the same names 
(e.g. myStart).
  Thus, I am running into occasional global conflicts when more than one 
stack is opened at a time.  This will only get worse as I add more 

I don't want to change my scripting style (ie use more custom props, 
handler local vars, etc) nor my naming conventions (saves typing and 
easy to remember for me).  So I want a global global changer: something 
that will change the names of all the global vars globally throughout a 
given stack.  I want a script that will go through the stack on 
completion and add a stack specific bit of my choosing (eg "-plzt1") to 
each global variable in any and all scripts throughout the stack.   I 
don't think this will be too hard to write, but if anyone already has 
one, can I have it?  Of if anyone knows another easy way, please let me 

mark mitchell

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