Lost PlayStopped Message

mitchell mark cowhead at mac.com
Sat Oct 18 05:28:03 EDT 2003

I have a weird result (mac OS 10.2x)  I have a stack that has a player. 
  The player script has "on playStopped"..etc.  It works fine in the Rev 
Development environment but the SAME stack opened by the standAlone 
does not work.  Seems the playStopped message is not getting to the 
player with the standAlone engine?

BUT, when I click on a field on that card in the stand alone, suddenly 
the "on playstopped" handler runs, and the thing works fine thereafter 
until the stand alone is quit.  But if I quit and restart, I have to 
click on the field again to get the first 'playstopped' handler to run 
again.  If I make the field non-focusable, there is nothing I can do to 
get the "on playstopped" handler to run.  I believe I'm using the 
latest QT.

The standalone was made with Rev 2.02.  I have downloaded the latest 
rev, but none of my license codes seem to work.


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