docs vs. experience - 'start using'

Phil Davis davis.phil at
Fri Oct 17 17:23:50 EDT 2003

I notice that the Rev docs about the 'start using' command describe only the
script library aspects of the command. They say nothing about how 'start
using' also gives the 'using' stack access to images stored in the 'used'

- Stack B contains image ID 3333
- Stack A contains no images

In Stack A:

on openStack
  start using stack "B"
  set the icon of btn 1 to 3333
end openStack

This works. It also worked in MC for as long as I can remember.

My Big Question:
Is it a bug, or an undocumented feature? More precisely, is it likely to go
away once discovered by the Rev Dev Team, or be documented, or be left

I would like to use this capability but don't know if I safely dare.

Thanks -
Phil Davis

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