MAc / PC Scripting Issues

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Fri Oct 17 16:18:45 EDT 2003

Dar et al

Thanks to everyone who helped with this issue.  Dang I love this group. 

On Friday, October 17, 2003, at 02:30 PM, 
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> This might help:

It did indeed  this is a great reference.  I repost it here just in 
case anyone else might want to take a look.

> I don't know whether the automatic mac/windows code translation used by
> Revolution when you open a stack on a different platform matches the
> tables there for the common characters.

I'll bet it does.  And the reason Rev talks about scripting cautions is 
that those Mac characters aren't represented in the windows tables.  I 
think I have a pretty clear idea now which characters to avoid using in 
Out of the 255 Characters in the Macintosh set there are 25 that are 
not represented in the Windows character set.  Of those I think there 
are only 3 that are used in scripting.

They are:

≠  not equal,  < >  should be used instead
≤  less than or equal,  =< should be used instead
≥  greater then or equal,  >= should be used instead

There might also be an issue with the   " / "   fraction character  as 
it isn't represented in the Windows character set either.


If any one else can add to this list please feel free to do so.

Thanks so much to you all.


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