Mac / PC Scripting issues

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Fri Oct 17 14:53:22 EDT 2003

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>  I think I understand what you mean by low ASCII. Not having memorized
>either the Mac or PC character sets this becomes an issue when I am 
>using a particular character. It would be nice to have a simple list 
>that points out areas where the two character sets diverge.
   Strictly speaking, ASCII only deals with seven-bit binary numbers, i.e. 
from 0 to 127; these so-called "low ASCII" characters are the same all over. 
Characters that involve the 8th bit, i.e. 128 to 255, called "high ASCII", are 
outside of the ASCII spec, hence tend to vary wildly from platform to platform. 
Therefore, the solution is to make sure you never use any characters whose 
ASCII value is greater than 127. If you're curious, you can see which ones those 
are for yourself:

put "High-ASCII characters" & return into Fred
repeat with K1 = 128 to 255
   put numToChar (K1) after Fred
end repeat
put Fred into field "Display case"

   Hope this helps...

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