Mac / PC Scripting issues

Dar Scott dsc at
Fri Oct 17 12:35:06 EDT 2003

On Friday, October 17, 2003, at 09:52 AM, Stephen Messimer wrote:

>  I think I understand what you mean by low ASCII.

This is redundant, of course!

The ASCII codes are 7-bit codes.  That means in a byte there is an 
additional 128 values, that are used as character codes in some 
environments.  Richard is suggesting that a conservative approach is to 
ignore the upper codes.

(The term US-ASCII is redundant, too.  It is also a bit abrasive, but 
since it is written into several standards, it has to be used at times.)

ASCII defines these non-control characters:
space and these...

These have key tops on my keyboard.

> Not having memorized either the Mac or PC character sets this becomes 
> an issue when I am using a particular character. It would be nice to 
> have a simple list that points out areas where the two character sets 
> diverge.

If you need special characters, you might want to consider unicode.  It 
is the in thing.  What do people say?  "It is all the rave!"  or  "all 
the rage!"  Something like that.  I expect unicode in Revolution to 

Dar Scott

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