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>Hi All,
>In previous versions of Revolution if you used a command like:
>delete line 3 of fld "test"
>the entire line would be deleted (if there were 10 lines, now there 
>would be 9 lines).
>In version 2.1, if I use the same command, the contents of line 3 are 
>deleted, but the empty line remains (there are still 10 lines in the 
>Anybody else find this to be true? How do I delete the entire line? 
>Have I missed something?

I am confused by everyone's responses. I am experiencing the same thing as 
John. But that is the way it has always been -- in Hypercard, in Metacard and in 
all versions I've used of Revolution. If you have 10 lines in fld "test" and 
    delete line 3 of fld "test" 
you still have 10 lines; the only difference is that line 3 is blank. I'd be 
really surprised if version 2.1 changed that.

The way I delete I would delete the entire line is:
      put line 1 to 2 of fld "test" & return & line 4 to 10 of fld "Test" 
into fld "test"
(If anyone knows a more elegant way, please let me know!)


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