Default path in answer file

Graham Samuel graham.samuel at
Fri Oct 17 03:46:24 EDT 2003

I find I can set the default path in an 'ask file' command but I am not 
having any success with 'answer file'

I've set up a default path for an answer file command (on Windows XP) and 
RunRev seems to be ignoring the path specification. In a desperate attempt 
to understand what's happening, I executed this script:

     answer "about to request file from"&&scgTheFolder&"/"
     answer file scgFileSelectText with scgTheFolder&"/" with filter "Data 

The path in scgTheFolder is of the form C:/Program Files/Revolution 2.1/Data

but when the open dialog is shown, it has defaulted to a different place on 
the 'C' drive (probably the last place from which RR read a file).

What did I do wrong?



Graham Samuel / The Living Fossil Co. / UK & France  

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