Deleting lines in a field...

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Oct 16 23:58:22 EDT 2003

John wrote:

> In previous versions of Revolution if you used a command like:
> delete line 3 of fld "test"
> the entire line would be deleted (if there were 10 lines, now there
> would be 9 lines).
> In version 2.1, if I use the same command, the contents of line 3 are
> deleted, but the empty line remains (there are still 10 lines in the
> field).
> Anybody else find this to be true? How do I delete the entire line?
> Have I missed something?

I just tested that here and it seems to work as expected.  Considering how
fundamental it is to so many apps I'm sure such an obvious bug would hve
been addressed before shipping.

Could there be something else at play contributing to the result you're
seeing there?

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