trouble with user permissions (Mac OS X, RR2.1.1)

Joel Rees joel at
Wed Oct 8 22:17:01 EDT 2003

Okay, I just threw it into my Applications folder and it runs okay when
I'm logged in as the user I was when I copied it in. But if I log in
under a different account (ergo, to test under a Japanese environment or
a non-admin account), I get the unexpected error message.

I can get around this (two ways, in fact), but I wonder if the licensing
department would not want me to do that?

Is this a bug, or is it just the way the license for RunRev is supposed
to work? 

Joel Rees, programmer, Systems Group
Altech Corporation (Alpsgiken), Osaka, Japan

"When software is patentable, anything is patentable." 

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