Where is the 2.1.1 list of bug fixes?

Igor Couto igor at pixelmedia.com.au
Wed Oct 8 19:45:01 EDT 2003

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knows where the list of bug fixes for version 
2.1.1 is.  The release notes simply tell us to look at Bugzilla, but I 
honestly do not know how to setup a query in Bugzilla to tell me what 
bugs were supposed to have been fixed by this latest release...

The release notes mention, for instance, that (apart from the 
introduction to of Polish encoding) there have been numerous changes to 
Unicode. Unfortunately, it seems that none of the areas of Unicode I 
work with have seen any change at all. This concerns me a little, as 
because of the lack of comprehensive release notes, I do not know 
whether these ARE things that should have been fixed or not by now, and 
that therefore we should perhaps be re-opening reports in Bugzilla to 
let the RunRev team know about it.

Any hints?

Many thanks,
Igor de Oliveira Couto

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