Visual Effects in Windows

Chipp Walters chipp at
Wed Oct 8 18:34:00 EDT 2003

Ken and Scott,


on mouseUp
  lock screen
  set the vis of grp 1 to not the vis of grp 1
  set the vis of grp 2 to not the vis of grp 2
  unlock screen with visual scroll left
end mouseUp

Make sure you use groups. I should have used the scroll instead of dissolve.
The dissolve is actually working, it's just dissolving to something which is
already there.

BTW, Ken, this did work just fine in 1.5 (Don't know about 2.0, know it
DOESN'T work in 2.1 or 2.1.1)


> > Turns out if you're showing or hiding a group before doing
> > the transition, then it breaks. You can show/hide controls
> > all day long, but not groups.
> Hmm. I checked this in Rev 2.1, and you're right, it doesn't work. But
> oddly enough, it works fine in MC 2.5.1, even in the IDE. I thought it
> was the Rev IDE, so I built a standalone... but it still doesn't work,
> even in the standalone. Although it's fine in MetaCard. Chalk it up to
> one more "gotcha" in the migration path from MC to Rev...

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