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Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Oct 8 18:11:01 EDT 2003

Recently, "Ken Ray"  wrote:

>> Turns out if you're showing or hiding a group before doing
>> the transition, then it breaks. You can show/hide controls
>> all day long, but not groups.
> Hmm. I checked this in Rev 2.1, and you're right, it doesn't work. But
> oddly enough, it works fine in MC 2.5.1, even in the IDE. I thought it
> was the Rev IDE, so I built a standalone... but it still doesn't work,
> even in the standalone. Although it's fine in MetaCard. Chalk it up to
> one more "gotcha" in the migration path from MC to Rev...

DOH! For me the problem occurs in MC!  Go figure...


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