256 colour icons in Windows using Resource Hacker

Robert J Warren (howsoft.com) warren at howsoft.com
Wed Oct 8 14:55:00 EDT 2003

Well, it seems that your experience is a little different to mine.
Congratulations. Sorry to ask what might be a silly question, but did you
make sure that the EXE still runs OK? The Resource Hacker substitutes with
any icon you like, and it shows up beautifully just sitting there in the
Windows Explorer or on your desktop, but it can certainly interfere with the
integrity of the other data in the file and Windows refuses to execute it.

Success or failure obviously depends on the properties of the icons you are
trying to introduce, but could it depend on the platform as well? I am using
Windows ME, not XP.

>Actually, Robert, it looks like you don't have to delete the second icon
>group. All I did was grab a high color icon from Windows Messenger
>(which has a graduated fill pattern so it's a good one to test with) and
>stick it into the first icon slot.

>Worked out just great!

>Ken Ray
>Sons of Thunder Software

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