Script-Reporting Script?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Oct 8 14:17:01 EDT 2003

Ken Norris wrote:

>> Does anyone already have a script that will go through a stack or stack
>> file and print out all the scripts, along with object descriptors?
>> I have such a beast for HyperCard, but it's not (yet) obvious to me how
>> to make the concept work in Rev since I don't see a "print script"
>> command.
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> I remember that. I still have binders full of HC script printouts somewhere.
> I used to go through them and make notes, change lines, and hiliter pen
> hilites when I wasn't around the computer at work.
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>> But I really need such a beast so I'll figure out how to
>> write it if it doesn't yet exist. I'm just not into re-inventing wheels.
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> I'd be EXTREMELY interested. One way would be to simply create an indexed
> stack and something like (very basic):
> put script of x into field y.
> ...then you'd have a stack with all the scripts in fields, and you can print
> any field or sequence of fields you want from there.

Does the one posted from Flexible Learning Co. do what you need?

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