Windows Explorer popping into foreground

David Beck davethebrv at
Tue Oct 7 23:44:12 EDT 2003


I am having what an unusual problem while using rev 1.1.1 on Windows
machines (I haven't tested this with 2.x). It can be easily reproduced. The
problem is that whenever I have 3 or more modal dialogs on top of each
other, after closing two of them the Windows Explorer pops into the

Let's say we have 4 stacks, named s1, s2, s3, s4. s1 has a button on it to
open s2 as modal. s2 has a button on it to open s3 as modal. s3 has a button
on it to open s4 as modal. They all have "Close" buttons as well so that we
can close them once they have been opened as modal.

If we click the button on s1, then s2, then s3, then s4, we will have opened
all 4 stacks, the top three being opened as modal. This works as expected,
but when we go to close the stacks by hitting their close button the
following happens: s4 closes as expected, but when we click the close button
for s3, it closes, and the frontmost Windows Explorer window pops into the
foreground! On top of s2! Then when you bring s2 to the foreground by
clicking on it, and close it by clicking its button, the explorer window is
on top of s1! You have to click on s1 in order for it to be brought back to
the front.

Whats with this?? Has anybody else had this problem? I can get around it by
putting a "go this stack" after the "go stack sx as modal", but you can
still see an ugly flicker when the exporer window pops into the front for a
split second. Any help would be appreciated.


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