delete card, again...

Dom mcdomi at
Mon Oct 6 14:02:01 EDT 2003

Still this problem after deleting a card...

it seems that it is not possible to put a statement *before* a delete
card command, e.g.

on deletekey
  answer "Suppress this card?" with "Cancel" or "Suppress"
  if it is "suppress" then send "delete this card" to this card in 10
end deletekey

Here, I cant' follow Pierre's advice: better to ask a deleting
permission *before* acting ;->

Nonetheless... in the development environment, menu Object, menu item
Delete Card, I do have a dialog before card deleting... So, where is the

OS 10.2.4
Rev 2.1

By the way, is there a mean to quit Rev other than force quit
(OPT-CMD-Esc) in this case?


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