problem with callbacks

Toma Tasovac ttasovac at
Mon Oct 6 08:55:01 EDT 2003

i'm sorry i will have to repost my question -- i think i got spoiled by 
this list where things usually get resolved immediately. in this 
particular case, i have a deadline tomorrow, which is why i am so 
impatient to get this cleared out.

i have a text field in which the highlighting of the sentences is 
synchronized with the callbacks being sent by the QuickTime audio file. 
  The problem is that when the player is stopped and restarted or moved 
to another point -- all the previous callbacks are sent again and the 
engine quickly goes through all the highlights before continuing with 
the sentence at which it left off.

How can this be avoided?  Callbacks are messages sent by the player at 
certain points in the timeline -- why should restarting a player in the 
middle of the movie trigger the callbacks which come before that point?

If this turns out to be a bug, if you have an idea on a possible 
scripting workaround for the time being, I'll be eternally grateful to 

Many thanks in advance,

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