revCopyFile broken on OS X?

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami katir at
Mon Oct 6 00:27:00 EDT 2003

We are experiencing some corruption on files worked directly over the 
LAN on our OS X server (InDesign) and Adobe's recommendation is to 
always copy the files to the local hard drive and then work on the 
local file, then put it back. It works, suddenty ID2 file corruption is 
gone... that's the good news.

But, this creates challenges for a collaborative work group with many 
editors and writers... so, I am trying to create a drag and drop RCS 
(Revision Control System), which copies files to the local hard drive, 
increments a galley number in the file name, moves old galleys on the 
server to a back up folder etc... all very easy thanks to Rev... in 
fact we have a number of other applications running in Rev that we use 
every day that perform all these same operations in one for or another, 
but they are all raw ascii, xml, html files.... this is different...

the problem is


is not behaving as documented on OS X... purportedly it should:

"... the revCopyFile command provides certain advantages. It copies 
file attributes (such as file type) and Mac OS resource forks along 
with the file. It also does not require reading the entire file into 
memory, so even extremely large files can be copied."

But, we are not seeing this. An InDesign file (or any file for that 
matter) copied from the server which has a visible ID2 icon in the 
finder, using:

   revCopyFile (gRemotePath& gRemoteFile),fld "localfolder"

arrives on the local hard drive as nondescript, no icon and no 
application binding... looks like the resource fork is not making it 
across the copy... An attempt to boot the file by double-clicking in 
the finder invokes the OS user input dialog,:

"There is no specified application to open document "whatever 
     [btns:] "Choose Application"  "OK"

Presumably, since revCopyfile invokes onboard Applescript in the 
background, one might assume its not Rev's fault but AppleScript's 
fault.. but before digging into this any further I thought I might just 
ask here... This is pretty much a "show stopper" for the little RCS 
widget I am trying to create, which otherwise took about 30 minutes to 
put together and will be a dream machine for the team.

Retaining the application binding is mandatory and adding the ".ind" 
extension doesn't help...

Any thoughts? (including any thoughts on RCS if you have already "been 
there, done that.")

Sannyasin Sivakatirswami
Himalayan Academy Publications
at Kauai's Hindu Monastery
katir at,

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