Some doubts 'bout Revolution

Alex Rice alex at
Sun Oct 5 22:57:01 EDT 2003

On Sunday, October 5, 2003, at 05:07  PM, Monte Goulding wrote:

> Ummm... no offence Roger but wouldn't it be nice to get even an 
> emulated XP
> look and feel before RunRev goes trying to emulate OS X? If we had 
> full XP
> theme support you could get OS X look anyway. Many of us have been
> frustrated by the focus on OS X look and feel while a far more popular 
> OS is
> 2 years out of date. I'm reasonably sure that XP theme support is just
> around the corner.

I hope so. It's like swimming upstream I guess. They are planning a new 
style UI again <>

"""Avalon is the graphics and media plumbing within Longhorn that 
software developers use to build applications. "Aero" is the company's 
name for the actual graphical user interface (GUI) in Longhorn that the 
end user sees. """

Also keep in mind that the "Aqua/Appearance Manager" look and feel is 
the only one currently offered by Rev that uses native widgets. All the 
others are emulated. I agree with what Richard said: it would be 
difficult or impossible to emulate. All those drop shadows and 
gradients and animated buttons. Too much.

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