Some doubts 'bout Revolution

Monte Goulding monte at
Sun Oct 5 18:19:01 EDT 2003

> Are there any plans for Rev to simulate the Aqua appearance in the same
> way? It would be nice for those of us who develop apps on Windows that
> will be used on OS X to be able to preview the look and feel.

Ummm... no offence Roger but wouldn't it be nice to get even an emulated XP
look and feel before RunRev goes trying to emulate OS X? If we had full XP
theme support you could get OS X look anyway. Many of us have been
frustrated by the focus on OS X look and feel while a far more popular OS is
2 years out of date. I'm reasonably sure that XP theme support is just
around the corner. I'm also reasonably sure that we won't ever get OS X
emulation seeing as by the time it was emulated Apple would have changed it



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