Some doubts 'bout Revolution

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Sun Oct 5 15:26:00 EDT 2003

'Cos is beaultiful??? =P

For Windows XP, it's not a problem, since there is Aqua-like "styles" for
Windows XP wich make Windows works as Aqua does. But, for other Windows
(like 95 and 98), the user is REALLY bored of that non-gracefull gray
window, every day, year by year...
It's just a cosmetic trick to bring more hapiness to the user, just this ;-)
(Besides: someone here knows of a Media Player that works in a default
window, with default buttons and all those "gray" stuffs? No. Almost all
media players are skinned to have a better appearence. Sometimes it's good
to change the user experience within your application).

Windows XP uses Luna interface, MacOS uses Platinum, MacOSX use Aqua, Linux
use, well, I don't know what the hell is that, he he he... It's just
graphics... nothing more.

And I'm not asking nothing about Aqua... Just Platinum =)

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> Hi Richard,
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> > One of the
> > downsides to implementing Aqua emulation would be to encourage a false
> > confidence for things that might look good buy do not work properly once
> > actually deployed there.
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> Dumb question from someone who hasn't followed all of this. Why would
> someone want to emulate Mac OSX Aqua on a Windoze platform to begin with?
> Ken N.
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