JDBC instead of ODBC

Júlio César Ködel kodel at terra.com.br
Sun Oct 5 15:08:01 EDT 2003

> I would for my own say : before them and many others alike, Sybase ASE
> 12.5 or IBM DB2, and along the other best ACID compliant SQL server
> available for free : the usefull and unbreakable PostgreSQL...
PostgreSQL... Did you install it on Windows? How many days did you get to do
this task?
A good program is a program that you don't need to be a pHD in informatic to
install. Remember that our costumers are not always genius. Install MySQL or
PostgreSQL is a pain for a light user, MS SQL is too big... Firebird is the
only one that you can deploy within your application (it have about 3Mb and
installation is just as simple as copy files and run a register app.). The
driver is just a small ActiveX DLL, which you put in the System Folder, call
Register Service of DLL and you're done (and you don't need to use ODBC for
that. It will create a ADODB engine).
Remember RAD? It would be fast, easy and fun ;-)

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