Some doubts 'bout Revolution

Júlio César Ködel kodel at
Sun Oct 5 12:04:01 EDT 2003

No... I was thinking in Platinum... ;-)
After some time, users get a little tired about the look and feel of their
OSes (that's why exists skins modules for Windows and Linux). It would be
nice to change the look of my app without any effort.
One thing that I'm getting some problem is on buttons.
It would be nice if we could make buttons like the skins programs. Let's
suppose a PNG file:
A Skin program would divide a PNG file in a 3x3 matrix, then, apply the + on
corners, repeat -, * and - on center (H) and ! on vertical, mouting this way
a button (independent of its size).
Would be a nice addition to Rev a way to make a fixed 32x32 PNG and apply it
to a button (whatever the button changes in size, it will reorganize the
matrix making the graphic fit to any size without magnifications).

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> I don't think that's what Júlio meant. I think he
> wants his app to *look like* aqua  when it runs
> in Windoze, not just in development.
> I suppose one could create 'aqua like' graphic
> objects such as invisible buttons, but the
> scrollbars in fields would be a problem, not to
> mention menus. There also might be some 'look and
> feel' copyright issues with Apple, depending on
> how far one went.
> Besides, it would probably be disconcerting for a
> Windoze user to see what he is not used to....
> >At 10:44 PM -0300 10/4/2003, Júlio César Ködel wrote:
> >>My question was: it is possible to make this "look and feel" of Classic
> >>MacOS in a Rev. application running in Windows (i.e. I make a
> >>that is distributed for Windows machines, and want to apply ClassicMacOS
> >>style on it, as it is possible in the development stage)
> >
> >
> >Set the lookAndFeel property to "Macintosh" to
> >get the Platinum appearance. (This is what the
> >menu item in the development environment does.)
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