JDBC instead of ODBC

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On 10/4/03 12:26 PM, "Alex Rice" <alex at mindlube.com> wrote:

> On Saturday, October 4, 2003, at 11:49  AM, Todd Geist wrote:
>> But what about all those database engines that can use JDBC?
>> I know some of them are already supported by Rev but wouldn't it be
>> nice to
>> have a single method to connect to all those databases that didn't
>> require
>> setting up and configuring ODBC?
> But JDBC is for JAVA apps/applets. Java programmers we are not. Maybe I
> am missing your point.

Well not always.  For example:

There is a FileMaker Pro plug-in which can connect to any database that has
JDBC access.  I have used this plug-in to retrieve data from and edit data
on Firebird, MySQL, and Postgres servers.  There was very little difference
in the code, and it was very fast. (Why am I using FileMaker?  That's
another story).

FileMaker's plug-in API is C/C++, not Java.  So the developers of the
plug-in had to write some kind of C/C++ wrapper around the java code.  I was
imagining that some clever Rev Nut could do the same thing for Revolution.

Maybe as others have pointed out there is no need.


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