Some doubts 'bout Revolution

Pierre Sahores psahores at
Sat Oct 4 17:22:01 EDT 2003

Hi Júlio,

To see an example of a full working Revolution+PostgreSQL application,
here as the Web issue (there is a Rev's client side app available too),
developped in less than some days, have an eye at :

<> and let me know, off-list, if
you need more infos or sources stack about how to run this kind of Rev's

Bests, Pierre

Le sam 04/10/2003 à 23:26, Júlio César Ködel a écrit :
> Each day I'm more convinced that Revolution is a great program tool.
> Some things are amazing easy to do, and seems so powerfull that I
> think no program CAN'T be developed in Rev. But, I must ask some
> questions: (first, sorry by comparing Rev with VB, but I'm a BASIC
> programmer since 1986, and VB is my current world ;-] )
> 1) Nowadays, more and more applications (especially those developed in
> RAD tools) are using HTML, for display data, forms, or whatever. In my
> case, I use HTML for custom relats (my program parses tags in HTML
> file and then replace them with some data. It's a easy way to make
> relats customizable for the final user). Revolution doesn't have a
> control that show HTML pages (I know there is a DLL, which I assume
> that use IE engine, but work only for Windows). There is some way to
> display full HTML pages within cards, in all plataforms (or, at least,
> Windows and *nix)? Or, if not, at least a "standard" way to "execute"
> a HTML file (some kind of shell that would open the default Web
> Browser of OS and display a local file).
> 2) Someone know a site where there is some Rev. applications to
> download (to study, of course, open source)?
> 3) Since Windows 95, both Mac and *nix plataforms are using controls
> like the Windows TreeView and ListItems controls. There is something
> like this for Revolution (TV and LI objects are used, for example, in
> a Windows Explorer window, wich TreeView is the object that shows a
> "tree" of folders and ListItems is the object that show items with
> icons, tabs and subitems)
> 4) Is there a IDE for Revolution other than the current?
> 5) Revolution IDE is capable of showing the "look and feel" of other
> plataforms (for example, MacOS and Motif). In a distributed
> application, there is some way to make it look like a Mac, for
> example, by default (in other words: Can I make a Revolution
> application in Windows that mantain the "look" of Mac?)
> 6) When making a compiled application from Revolution, I noticed that
> it would NOT support Microsoft icons other than 16 colors... There's
> no way to use 256 colors icons? (the best would be if Rev. could use
> TrueColor or RGBA icons, but 256 colors are the minimal to nowadays
> Windows stardards).
> Well... I guess it's "only" this... Thanx in advance for all ;-)
Bien cordialement, Pierre Sahores

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