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Sat Oct 4 12:17:01 EDT 2003

>>> Next, I'll find out that stack encryption will destroy binary data.

>> It does, Dar... when compressed userProperty data is involved.

> Thanks for the warning.
> Uh, I'm a little confused this morning.  Under what conditions does 
> this occur?
> I know mcencrypt() loses info on binary data.  Is that involved in 
> stack encryption?

SFAIK under all circumstances. The workaround (if memory serves) is to store 
base64Encode(compress(tData)) in a userProperty instead, but there is no space 
saving. Has been a 'feature' since mc.forever and therefore .rev also as the 
underlying code.

MCEncrypt is internal use only and is, I believe, the engine used when a 
stack is password protected. So yes.

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