Unstuffing Preceptor Tools

Wilhelm Sanke sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Thu Oct 2 16:19:00 EDT 2003

Has anybody managed to get Preceptor Tools running on Windows?

I unstuffed Preceptor Tools on MacOS 10.2.6 and everything - as far as I
got - worked fine.

Then I transferred the files to my PC , put the PTPalette into the
plug-ins folder where it belonged, and started PT. First thing I
noticed: When PT starts, the PTPalette will not show, only after the PT
Tutorial is loaded does the Palette appear.

Clicking at the Object Toolkit button of the PT Palette the "quizObjects
Toolkit" appears, and here is where the trouble begins with error
messages of various kinds:

If I move the mousecursor into the area of the "quizObjects Toolkit" I
get the following error message

Type if: missing 'then'
Object MCGrp•
Line if the name of btn id 1339  "mcDemo•" then send mcBGOReset to cd
"buttonQuiz" -- prevents demo bGO from being left in a configured state
when the setup grp is hidden.

The problem is the "square" character after "ID 1339" which should be an
"unequal" operator in the script. I checked the same script line in the
Mac version of PT, there is an "unequal" char - written by ALT + 0  and
looking like a crossed "=" character.

Clicking at any of the buttons of the quizObjects Toolkit results in
nothing but more error messages.

As apparently the problems had to do with the different appearance of
the script characters on MacOS and Windows I unzipped the zip-version of
the Preceptor Tools on the PC.

After unzipping, two of the components appeared as
"revPTPalette.rev.bin" and "PreceptorTools.rev.bin", so I had to resort
to my Mac to unstuff the two bin-files.

Putting the extracted files back on the PC produced the same described

I have never before seen such problems of incompatibility of Mac and
Windows scripts, there were only compatibility problems of field texts
and texts in custom properties.

Am I missing something or is the zipped version of Preceptor Tools
somehow corrupt? What about the script compatibility issue between MacOS
and Windows?


Wilhelm Sanke

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