Off Topic! Auto-opening socket

Ray G. Miller rgmiller at
Thu Oct 2 13:14:07 EDT 2003

From: Richard Gaskin <ambassador at>
> Ray G. Miller wrote:
>>I have DSL with SBC and I always close the DSL when I go off-line. Since
>>yesterday afternoon, something is opening a socket to my server. Every
>>15 minutes, a socket is opened to SBC.
> If you have a licensed copy of the ultra-cool FTP tool Interarchy, part of
> its coolness is one of its most powerful but seldom-needed features:  it
> lets you log all Internet activity in and out of your Mac.
> (For the record I don't have any business relationship with Interarchy, just
> a deep appreciation for a solid tool sold at a good price.)

Thanks Stephen & Richard,

I just bought the InetSentry and I also have the Interarchy app (but 
I've never used it.)

I'll try out both to see what the name of the gremlin is called.

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