'bout Revolution and FireBird

Pierre Sahores psahores at easynet.fr
Thu Oct 2 11:01:00 EDT 2003

Hi Júlio,

Revolution is full featured to let us build fine web's/erp's clients and
server side applications. I used Metacard and Revolution extensively
since 98 in this way with full satisfaction.

There are, for yet, two ways you can use to connect Revolution to
FireBird (in between, FB is a great acid compliant db !) :

- the build-in "RevDB" library to connect both Rev's client-side
front-end, via "POST method" requests to your remote or localhost server
- the build-in shell() command in sending direct SQL's statements to the
FireBird command-line client via "pipe" statements. This way can be
usefull to bind server-side Rev's apps to your FireBird back-end (in
root mode). It's the way i used for years, before Tuviah did the RevDB
lib available to us (Rev 1.1.1 and above).

I would recommand you to use the first way, even if the second, i used
extensively (Linux/OSX, Apache, MC/RR, PostgreSQL) for years, can be
usefull too, if needed.

See below an example of code you can test and adapt to your own needs :

>    put "psql -h localhost projecoles -U postgres" into PgPath
>    put shell("echo" && quote & "select * from etablist order by
etab0011" && quote && "|" && PgPath) into AccPpx

Have fun !

Bests, Pierre

Le jeu 02/10/2003 à 15:37, Júlio César Ködel a écrit :
> I was developing a commercial system in VB 6, but many clients request
> me Linux compatibility, which I can't achieve with VB, then, I found
> Revolution and downloaded a trial version to see its capabilities... I
> already know that Revolution have support for MySQL and ODBC, but I
> using FireBird (a Interbase compatible database engine). In Windows, I
> have an OCX DLL that implement ODBC with FireBird (and thus, allowing
> VB access to FireBird). But, I don't know how this work on Linux
> systems... It will be possible to use FireBird on Linux, or even ODBC?
> Any help on this issue will be welcome... ;-)
> Thanx in advance,
> Tenebree Software
> http://www.tenebree.com
Bien cordialement, Pierre Sahores

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